George Russell says he learned “a huge amount” from Lewis Hamilton

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George Russell says he is going into the 2022 season “with an open mind”, and ready to learn from “the greatest driver of all time” – Lewis Hamilton.

In an interview with ESPN George Russell talked about his mindset going into 2022 as Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate.

“I’m incredibly excited about going up against Lewis, but equally I am under no illusions of how difficult it is going to be,” said Russell.

“Lewis, in my opinion, is the greatest driver of all time and to get the opportunity to go against him is massive.

“To be honest, I am going to go in there with an open mind and try to learn from him, because at the end of the day he is a seven-time world champion for a reason and it is not going to be easy.”

George goes on to explain what he learned from Lewis while he was Mercedes’ reserve driver back in 2018.

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“[I learned] a huge amount. The time I spent with him at Mercedes prior to joining Williams, seeing how he deals with his engineers, how hard he works.

“I think so many people think Lewis just turns up on a Friday morning, jumps in the car and does something exceptional.

“But he works so hard, he is one of the first and last out of the track, every day, all the tiny little details to find that last millisecond.

“That really opened my eyes for the first time when I saw that for the first time, thinking, ‘Blimey, this is probably the most talented driver ever and he is still pushing for more’.

“That’s why I know the challenges that are going to face me,” concluded the young Briton.

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