George Russell says letting Lewis Hamilton through was “the right call”

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George Russell says the team made the right call when they asked him to move over for Lewis Hamilton, and there are “zero hard feelings” from his side.

In the final laps of the Japanese Grand Prix, Mercedes issued a team order to George Russell and asked him to move over for Lewis Hamilton.

With Carlos Sainz fast approaching behind, this was the team’s attempt to make sure Lewis can finish in P5, as he had much fresher tyres than George.

While George did not seem to be too pleased by the order while in the race, afterwards he said he completely understands why it was done.

“Of course it’s difficult for the team to judge,” the Briton said.

“But as I said, I’ve got one goal which is to finish P2 in the Constructor’s championship for the team,” Russell outlined.

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“We use the radio as a bit of a release valve because it’s so hot in the car, it’s a long race, you’re there pushing for an hour and a half, you’re fighting every inch.

“Lewis has had a really consistent season this year and he’s in the battle for P3 in the Driver’s championship.

“Worst case, we lost two extra points today but we could have ended up with four less points, so when you take the averages, the team made the right call. From my side, zero hard feelings.

“We gotta work on the car, we aren’t going to get upset over a potential fifth and sixth, not fifth and seventh,” Russell concluded.

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