George Russell says there could be more disqualifications in Brazil

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George Russell says the sprint format at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix could lead to more disqualifications due to floor plank wear.

Lewis Hamilton finished the United States Grand Prix in P2, however he was later disqualified from the race because his car failed the post-race inspection.

The cause was excessive wear on his car’s floor plank, the same issue that was also found on Charles Leclerc’s car, who was also disqualified.

George Russell says the sprint format at this weekend’s Sao Paulo Grand Prix, could lead to more disqualifications.

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“It’s going to be really challenging and this is going to be a big issue with the Sprint race weekend,” the Briton said.

“Because, as we said in Austin, we ended practice, we did our checks, there was no wear, so we thought we’re in the clear and then, a small change of wind direction, putting 100 kilos of fuel in the car for the first time, some laps in traffic, some laps not in traffic in a really bumpy circuit, we suddenly found ourselves with an issue we weren’t expecting.

“I’ve got to be honest, on a track like this, some teams may find themselves in the same place, so that’s just part of a game in a Sprint Race,” Russell concluded.

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