George Russell: “The incident with Max was totally my fault”

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At the Las Vegas Grand Prix, George Russell collided with Max Verstappen and picked up a five-second penalty. After the race, George said the incident was his fault.

At the Las Vegas Grand Prix, George Russell was involved in a collision with Max Verstappen, and was handed a five-second penalty by the stewards.

After the race, the Briton said the incident was his fault.

“Another massively missed opportunity this weekend,” he said.

“The incident with Max was totally my fault. I didn’t see him. Totally in my blind spot going around Turn 11.

“I was expecting the overtake there. You’ve got the long DRS afterwards. We were on course for an easy podium after. It was pretty straightforward.

“Recovered to P4, the five seconds knocks us down to P8. This season is one thing after another!”

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Ultimately, George was downbeat about the race, and his whole 2023 season.

“Pace was strong but not as strong as the Red Bulls and the Ferraris. I think, when you have a fast car, luck is always on your side. When you’re on the back foot, luck is never on your side.

“Ultimately we just need to keep on pushing, go into next week and see what we can do.

“It was just on the wheel cover. If anything, it would have helped my graining because it would have given me extra cooling. I think we had a few cuts in that tyre so we did the wise thing and changed that set of tyres.

“We recovered P4. Even without the penalty I would have been disappointed. We should have been on that podium. It would have been a nice way to end the season after such a disastrous one.

“This tops it off,” Russell concluded.

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