George Russell: “We are cautiously optimistic going into next year”

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George Russell says he and Lewis Hamilton give Mercedes similar feedback regarding the car, and “it shows the issues are clear”.

Ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, George Russell says Mercedes is on a good track to solve their current car problems next year, as they are well aware of what the main issues are.

“We have different driving styles but the fundamental limitations that we both face are the same,” Russell told Sky Sports F1.

“Each weekend we alternate who goes first in our post-session debrief, and often whoever speaks second says the same as what he said.

“So that’s always a good sign when the driver speaking second, whichever weekend it is, says the same as what he said because it shows we are on the same page. It shows the issues are clear.

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“We are cautiously optimistic going into next year. We are not sat here thinking: ‘Why are we slow?’

“We know why we’re slow. We have got so many issues with this car and so many problems that we want to solve. So that gives us hope that if we do solve them, we can make a big step forward.

“But we need to go out there and actually achieve that,” the Briton concluded.

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