George Russell: “We’ve got the smartest people in the business”

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George Russell says the wind tunnels aren’t ‘picking porpoising up’, but he is sure Mercedes will be able to solve the problem.

After two difficult races, Mercedes is still struggling with their car, especially with the porpoising phenomenon.

George Russell says the team still has work to do to get closer to the two top teams.

“Everything did look better when we turned the engines up for qualifying and we looked relatively on par with Ferrari in terms of straight-line speed,” the Briton said.

“Red Bull were definitely running less wing than we were but they seemed to accelerate very fast when they get down the straight.

“They are seemingly doing a better job at reducing their drag at high speed and their pace at the moment is extraordinary.

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“We need to do some work in all areas to catch up.”

George points out that one of the problems Mercedes is facing is the fact that the wind tunnels can’t replicate porpoising.

“I think we’re doing everything we can back at base to try and emulate the issues we are seeing on track.

“The wind tunnels aren’t really picking [porpoising] up as we are on track. Our wind tunnel is an isolated environment and the circuit has so many parameters at play.

“We’ve got the smartest people in the business and we all believe in our people back at base, so I’m sure we can solve it,” the Briton concluded.

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