George Russell: “We’ve probably halved the gap to the front-runners”

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After the Spanish Grand Prix George Russell said Mercedes has “turned the page” and added he feels “this is probably the start of our season now”.

There’s no doubt that Mercedes made serious strides forward at the Spanish Grand Prix. George Russell says they can now start to “bring more performance to the car”.

“We’re making progress and as a team we’ve turned the page and feel like this is probably the start of our season now,” the Briton said.

“I think we’ve probably halved the gap to the front-runners compared to the rest of the season, I think we know there’s more performance to find.

“It’s been a season of problem solving as opposed to finding more performance and bring more performance to the car.

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“I think we’ve finally solved our issue and we can now focus on bringing more performance, so yeah, we’re six races behind but there’s no reason why we can’t claw this back.”

Unfortunately Mercedes did have an issue with their car in the closing stages of the race, which prompted the team to instruct Hamilton and Russell to ‘lift and coast’ until the end.

“It was definitely when I was battling Max, was managing tyres, engine was overheating, trying to go as fast as possible to keep him behind, you’re juggling so many things,” George continued.

“Last five-six laps was literally ‘bring it home’. We were right on the limit through the race but the team did a great job not to go over the limit and have to retire the car,” concluded the Briton.

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