Gerhard Berger: “Lewis and Senna are the two best I have seen”

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Former F1 driver and Ayrton Senna’s big friend Gerhard Berger says Lewis Hamilton and Senna “are the two best” he has ever seen.

Ahead of the 2022 season Lewis Hamilton said he would be a more aggressive driver this year. Gerhard Berger says he thinks Lewis’ ‘smart’ way of driving is the better way to go.

“I don’t know if he would be aggressive like Max was, if this would work in the right direction,” Berger said.

“For me, it was so clever the way how he sometimes gives way, not to crash, but get it back in another way.

“I just can see with all the experience Lewis has, he is very serene. He used his chances the whole time. Except Silverstone, he just was perfect.”

Asked about Lewis’ place among the greats in terms of driving style, Berger said he would put him somewhere between the more aggressive Ayrton Senna and the more methodical Alain Prost.

“At the end of the day, for me, after these 45 years I’ve been around here, Lewis and Senna are the two best I have seen.

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“But I still put Senna as number one. Because the charm of Senna and the personality of Senna was another level. But on the sporting side, I think Lewis is as good as Senna was.”

As for Max Verstappen, Berger thinks he should be more like Hamilton if he wants to win the 2022 title.

“This year, if the car is the best car, maybe [Verstappen] is going to adapt himself, or he going to do it in a different way, because he maybe doesn’t need to have this aggression.

“Because when you’re that aggressive and it doesn’t work out, and you touch each other, or you go out of the race, it hurts.

“Sometimes it’s better [to do] what Lewis [did] last year, to say OK, for me is worse if I lose this race some points, because I’m going to get it back another way.

“It’s all about how good your package is,” the German concluded.

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