Gerhard Berger says Hamilton should go to Ferrari, but not yet

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Former Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger says Hamilton should experience driving for the Italian team, but not right now.

Berger drove for Ferrari from 1987 until 1989 and then again from 1993 until 1995. The Austrian says every driver should experience driving for the Scuderia.

“For Lewis, I could not recommend to any driver more than if you can at one time in your career take the chance to drive for Ferrari,” said Berger.

“It is an outstanding experience. Driving for Ferrari is very emotionally driven. Some are cold to it, some react very much toward it.

“Me, I was affected very much because I love Ferrari, I loved the Italian mentality, the brand and I think Lewis would. Most of the drivers love it but it has to be right on timing.”

However he doesn’t think Lewis should change the winning formula until he has cemented himself as the most successful driver ever.

“I think he should go to Ferrari but after he has beaten all the records.

“It would be too much to do it before because he has such a phenomenal team around him. You never leave a winning team, so perhaps it is not the right moment to do it now.”

Source: The Guardian

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