Häkkinen: “Mercedes has the one thing both Red Bull and Ferrari lack”

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Two-time F1 champion Mika Häkkinen gives his comments on the Canadian Grand Prix and expresses support for the FIA’s handling of the ‘porpoising’ problem.

In his Unibet column, Mika Häkkinen gave his comments on Mercedes’ performance at the Canadian Grand Prix.

“Mercedes has the one thing both Red Bull and Ferrari lack – reliability,” the Finn wrote.

“But they are also quick enough to be consistently the third fastest car on the track and able to pick up good points whenever Red Bull or Ferrari have any issues.

“This looked like a step forward in terms of race set-up.  The team have been trying new things on the car, sometimes making it very difficult for both drivers, but Sunday looked positive.”

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As for the FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’ directive, Häkkinen is on Mercedes’ side in believing that the governing body was right to step in.

“The porpoising problem on this year’s F1 cars has clearly been a significant issue – affecting some teams much more than others.

“It is good to see the FIA listening to concerns about driver safety and – as usual – the best way to get to sort it out is to measure what’s happening and then make some decisions based on what the data shows.

“Of course some teams want to see changes, especially if the porpoising is making their cars uncompetitive, but once the FIA, teams and drivers can get an accurate picture of what’s really happening the right steps can be taken,” Mika concluded.

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