Hamilton and Russell disagree with Verstappen over FIA’s intervention

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Max Verstappen doesn’t think the FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’ directive is “correct”, while Lewis Hamilton and George Russell warn of “a lot of mixed agendas”.

After the FIA introduced a new technical directive, aimed at reducing porpoising, Max Verstappen was quick to blast the intiative.

“For me, regardless if it is going to help or work against us, rule changes in the middle of the year I don’t think it is correct,” the Dutch driver said.

“I understand the safety part of it but I think if you talk to every engineer in the paddock if you raise your car you will have less issues anyway.

“You are going to try and find the limit of what your body can cope with for performance but I don’t think for now it is correct for them to intervene and start applying these rules.

“It is very simple, just go up on ride height and you wont have these issues, it is basically a little bit complicated and I also think it will be very hard to police,” Verstappen concluded.

At the Friday press conference George Russell pointed out that Max obviously changed his opinion on the issue, now that he leads the championship.

“There is obviously a lot of mixed agendas here from different teams and drivers,” Russell said.

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“We have heard from Carlos [Sainz], Checo [Perez] and Max earlier in the season how bad it has been, but now their performance is strong they don’t want changes because it can only only hinder them.

“So it is a bit of shame to see performance being prioritised over safety,” George concluded.

Lewis Hamilton, who sat next to Verstappen at the press conference, also hinted at hidden agendas from ‘certain’ drivers.

“It is always interesting seeing people’s perspective and opinions in different lights,” Hamilton said.

“Obviously in front of you it is one thing and in the background sometimes people say different things.

“Ultimately safety is the most important things and I think at least one driver in every team has spoken on it, I don’t think it will change an awful amount but I think there’s lots of work that needs to be done.

“It is positive that the FIA are working towards improving it because we have this care for the next few years.

“It is not about coping with the bouncing for the next few years, it is about completely getting rid of it and fixing it so that future drivers, all of us, don’t have back problems moving forward,” Lewis concluded.

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