Hamilton and Verstappen comment on their relationship off the track

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At the French Grand Prix Thursday press conference Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen talked about their relationship away from the track.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen attended the French Grand Prix Thursday press conference together. Since they both live in Monaco, the two title rivals were asked about their relationship off the track.

“Well, me personally, I’m never really out and about,” Hamilton said.

“We live on the opposite sides of town so therefore we don’t really see each other.

“We’ve messaged each other on DM (direct messaging) before, right? We’ve messaged after races but I guess we’ve never really had a lot of time to spend together.”

Verstappen then explained why it’s difficult for drivers to interact when they are not at the race track.

“We are away so much that once you get home, you also want to spend time with family and friends,” said Verstappen.

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“With so many races, that is priority number one, because they also would love to spend time with you. And when the opportunity arises, it’s very easy to meet up nowadays with social media and stuff.”

Lewis then said he would like to see all drivers have a “night out together” after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

“I think at some stage when things get back to normal, I’m sure there’ll be a moment where we we meet somewhere,” said the Briton.

“There’ll be something fun that we end up doing. I definitely think it’s good for the drivers to get together and, and put away the competition and just have a good night out together.

“At some stage, we’ll probably all do that.”

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