Hamilton and Wolff agree: “Do the talking on the track”

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In their recent sit-down interview Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff agreed they don’t want to get involved in media games.

During the conversation Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle asked the duo about the looming threat of their closest rivals Ferrari and Red Bull.

“I think we’re always just looking ahead,” answered Hamilton.

“We don’t know what they have in store for us at the moment. All we can do is focus on what’s ahead of us and take one step at a time.

“We don’t get caught up wondering what Ferrari or Red Bull are doing. They can talk all they want.

“The way I’ve been brought up is to do my talking on the track.

Wolff immediately agreed.

“Exactly. Do the talking on the track,” the Austrian chimed in.

“It’s the lap time that counts and not the talking. Many people make the mistake that you have to play some kind of media game. We don’t do that at all.”

However, Hamilton emphasized how important it is to keep the communication between himself and Wolff going, especially when the media gets involved.

“Communication really is so important though,” said the Briton.

“We are both constantly interviewed and there will times when Toto’s being interviewed and I don’t even know he’s been interviewed, and vice versa, and sometimes, months down the line, they will take one single line or word and twist it.

“And then you will see something in the news and be like ‘hold on a second, Toto how can you say that?’

“Then he’ll be like ‘I didn’t say that’ and so we have learnt over time, because in the past you would see something that would frustrate you and you don’t say anything about it and dwell over it then we bump into each other and so ‘no that’s actually not what’s happened.’

“So we find that nowadays, as soon as there is a problem then we pick up the phone and sort it out straightaway.”

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