Hamilton and Wolff believe Red Bull could be a serious contender

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After Max Verstappen’s amazing on-track victory over Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff believe Red Bull could be a seriuous threat for the rest of the season.

Red Bull managed to best Mercedes at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix for the first time in 2020. Despite being beated on a two-stop strategy in the race, Lewis Hamilton believes it is still a supporter of two-stop races.

“We drove with the softer tyres and that made racing a lot more exciting,“ said the Briton.

“Part of me says we shouldn’t race with softer tyres because we might be beaten again, but in the end I think a one-stop race sucks.

“We should never really do one-stop races in this sport, it’s never really fun for the fans.“

Hamilton went on say Red Bull shouldn’t be dismissed in 2020.

“It looks like Red Bull has been a lot closer since last race. It’s great. I would like to race where they challenge us.

“Red Bull seems to be close to us under race conditions. They were even stronger this weekend.

“That shows they’ve got a better package than people think,” concluded the six-time champion.

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The sentiment is echoed by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, who was asked if Mercedes has a serious title rival in Red Bull.

“I think we have,“ said the Austrian.

“I kind of enjoy the situation because everybody was saying this was going to be a walk in the park for Mercedes, and here we go. That wasn’t all a walk in the park.

“We were certainly not the quickest car, maybe not even the second quickest car. We have seen in the past that the hot conditions somehow don’t suit our car but it is much more complex than that. I am actually up for the challenge.

“We have, probably, the quickest package. The quickest package also includes the most downforce. The most downforce works the tyres hardest, and in that respect, we have to learn to tune the car to help the tyres to survive a little bit.

“I am really curious to see, interested to see how we are going to do in Barcelona. We have a handful of days to understand and there is nothing better than a great challenge.”

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