Hamilton blasts Niels Wittich’s “uncomfortable” drivers’ briefing

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Lewis Hamilton has criticized new race director Niels Wittich’s “longest driver briefing of my life”, during which the FIA staff weren’t even wearing face masks.

At the Australian Grand Prix, one of the two new Formula 1 race directors, Niels Wittich, has started clamping down on what some consider to be inconsequential rule breaches.

For example, in his pre-race notes he reminded drivers that they are not allowed to wear any jewellery in the car, while during a drivers’ briefing the FIA announced that drivers would only be allowed to wear the permitted fireproof underwear under their race suits.

After the race Lewis Hamilton said he would not be removing some of his piercings, but he also blasted the drivers’ briefing itself.

“It was the longest driver briefing of my life,” the Briton said.

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“I’ve been racing a long time. They’ve never done such a long driver briefing. Also, no one in the driver briefing was wearing a mask.

“Some of the drivers were [wearing them]. Most of the FIA [staff] weren’t, which was, for me, uncomfortable.

“I don’t really understand the small things that they’re picking up like the underwear. Are we really talking about that sort of thing?

“But, anyways, we move on. I don’t feel like it’s more strict,” Hamilton concluded.

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