Hamilton facing a possible penalty over two rule breaches

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Lewis Hamilton has been summoned to the stewards for allegedly failing to slow for the yellow flags and a potential track limits’ breach.

The first possible breach happened in the last seconds of qualifying when Valtteri Bottas ran off the track, while the second alleged breach came at Turn 10 on his fastest lap.

If found guilty, Lewis could face a grid penalty. At the post qualifying press conference Motorsport.com asked Lewis if he saw the yellow flags after Bottas ran off the track.

“Not that I saw, no,” answered Lewis.

“I came round the corner, I got on the power and I thought that Valtteri perhaps had just gone wide and come back on the track further up the road.

“I was looking out for the gravel on the track and for a car on the track, but there was nothing there so I continued.

“Then I saw as I was going into, I think it was to Turn 6 that Valtteri was much further to the left. It happened pretty quick and pretty big puff dust.”

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