Hamilton knocked over Mercedes’ front jack man in FP2, but he is ok

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

During Russian Grand Prix FP2 Lewis Hamilton accidentally knocked over Mercedes’ front jack man. The team confirms they are “looking into” the incident.

The incident happened while Hamilton was entering the pit box, but he overshot the marks and knocked over Mercedes’ front jack man.

Immediately after it happened Lewis said: “Man, magic. Sorry about that. Is he okay?”

The jack man gave Lewis a thumbs up and Mercedes later confirmed he was ok in a tweet.

“For everyone asking, our front jack man is OK,” Mercedes wrote.

It appears that the problem is related to the ‘brake magic’ button that already caused Lewis to lock up during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix restart earlier in the year.

The ‘brake magic’ system shifts around 90% of the brake bias to the front wheels and is usually used to aid tyre warm-up.

Mercedes later confirmed they are looking into the problem.

“The overshooting was related to the ‘brake magic’ button. We’re looking into it,” confirmed Mercedes’ spokesperson.

You can watch the incident below.

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