Hamilton not blamed by the FIA for Alonso crash, but receives warning

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The FIA explains why Lewis Hamilton was not penalised for Belgian Grand Prix collision with Fernando Alonso. He did however receive a warning for a different infringement.

Lewis Hamilton has accepted the blame for his lap 1 collision with Fernando Alonso, which happened when he attempted to overtake the Spaniard around the outside at Les Combes.

The FIA noted the incident, but determined that neither driver was to blame.

“The Stewards reviewed the video evidence and determined that Alonso was on the inside at turn 5,” the FIA’s statement read.

“Hamilton’s front wheels were ahead of Alonso’s at the entry to the corner. Alonso moved his car off line to the inside with both right side tyres fully on the kerb and even somewhat inside the kerb.

“At no point did Alonso appear to lose control or understeer. Hamilton turned into towards the apex of the corner with Alonso still alongside and the collision occurred.

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“The Stewards considered that this was a first lap incident with a lot of movement relative to other cars in the first few corners, and thus take no further action.”

Afterwards Lewis received a warning for not attending the medical centre.

“This is not the first time this season that drivers (not Hamilton) have initially refused to go for medical check,” the FIA’s statement read.

“The stewards issue a warning in this case, with a reminder to all drivers that stronger action may be taken in the future.”

Hamilton later did attend the centre, and received an all-clear.

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