Hamilton on his road to success: “People would laugh at us”

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In his recent social media post, Lewis Hamilton talked about the difficulties him and his father Anthony faced in his early career.

The story of Lewis’ beginnings is now known worldwide. It’s a story of a boy from Stevenage and his father, who despite all odds managed to achieve their dream of reaching the pinnacle of motorsport.

After Lewis Hamilton surpassed Michael Schumacher’s record for most Formula 1 wins at the Portuguese Grand Prix, the world witnessed an emotional hug between Lewis and his father Anthony. Recently Lewis posted a photo of the moment on his social media accounts, accompanied by a poignant message.

“This moment in time I will never forget,” wrote Hamilton.

“We started with nothing, he had 4 jobs to keep me racing at one time and I slept on the couch. We dreamt of doing something, something so far out of reach, becoming an F1 driver.

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“For a family with no money, we may have looked and sounded crazy. People would laugh at us, call us names, joke about us but we kept our heads down.

“We did our fighting with actions on track. Those who judged us back then, I wonder if they look upon us with hate and anger that we proved them wrong or maybe they’ve grown and think ‘good for them’.

“I like to think the latter. But we did it as a family and we never gave up. So if you’re out there wondering, doubting yourself, don’t!!

“Don’t give up, keep pushing, keep dreaming and talking that dream to existence. You can do anything you put your mind to.

“I believe in you and so should you,” concluded the six-time champion.

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