Hamilton on Monaco: “It is the bumpiest rollercoaster ride ever”

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After the Monaco Grand Prix free practice sessions Lewis Hamilton says the bouncing has his “eyeballs coming out of the sockets”.

After the Monaco Grand Prix free practice 1 and 2, Lewis Hamilton complained about the ‘bumpiness’ of the Monaco track surface.

“Firstly, it’s the bumpiest the track has ever been,” the Briton said.

“It’s probably the bumpiest track I’ve ever driven so that makes it one, difficult, and two, generally our car bounces a lot.

“It is different bouncing to what we have experienced in the past. Because it is in a lower speed, it is not aero. It is just the bumps on the track are making it worse.

“Otherwise, [I’m] not really having to learn the track differently, it’s just having to fight the car. Putting a lap together is wow! Holy crap! It’s a lot different.

“I don’t remember experiencing it like that before. I don’t know how it is for the others and if they are experiencing the same thing as us but it is the bumpiest rollercoaster ride ever.

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“I remember back in the day, my first years here, just a light, nimble car going around and it was so much better.

“But now, we have these super-heavy cars. They’re heavier than ever before, the braking zones are different so it is crazy in 2022 that the tracks aren’t as smooth when they have been resurfaced. Technology is still against us.

“But as I say, putting a lap together is difficult. I think we made some improvements going into that session.

“When you do try to put a lap together, the grip doesn’t feel terrible it’s just your eyeballs coming out of the sockets so we’ve got some work to do to try to fix that.

“As anticipated, I didn’t think we would be as quick as the Ferraris and Red Bulls. Our battle is to try to stay ahead of the McLarens I think,” Hamilton concluded.

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