Hamilton on the 2020 season: “Every moment is going to count even more”

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Lewis Hamilton is aware that the shortened 2020 season filled with double and triple headers is going to be very challenging and require consistence from drivers.

“One of the hardest challenges is staying consistent,” said Hamilton in a Petronas Motorsports video.

“Normally you’ve got 20 to 22 races, That is a long time. Generally, you have a little bit more gaps, so through experience, you’ve had time to take a breather and then get back at it.

“This year is slightly different because we’re going to be attacking a lot more, focussed [on] a smaller group of races, so even more crucial [is] the performance on each of those races.

“Being healthy, pulling out every single lap, every moment is going to count even more. It’s going to be magnified.

“Being diligent in terms of the process of how much you travel, where you’re staying, how much sleep you’re getting, the diet you’re having, how much energy you let out and how you recover, and all these different things.

“Getting your mind in the right space, your team in the right space to deliver on the weekend. It’s going to be a tough one,” concluded the six-time champion.

Lewis answered even more fan questions in the Petronas Motorsports video you can watch below.

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