Hamilton on whether bouncing could impact his next F1 contract

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After the physical toll porpoising and bouncing has taken on Lewis Hamilton, he was asked if it could be an argument to not sign a new contract.

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was asked if continued bouncing could make him not sign a new F1 contract beyond 2023.

“Well, I meant I imagined we’re going to get this fixed over by the end of next year, at least,” Hamilton said.

“So hopefully, that’s not going to be something determined from racing longer. But time will tell.”

However, after the race in Canada, Lewis said the bouncing was not a big factor.

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“Yeah, well, the bouncing was nowhere near as bad as the last race. The last race was… there was no words for how hard it was.

“But this weekend, we managed to… we did have bouncing but it was nowhere near on the…

“If the last race was 10G’s this one maybe was to two or three or something like that, you know, so it’s livable.

“But we still, I think, as a sport need to do better and I think us as a team also need to do better,” the Briton concluded.

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