Hamilton reacts to losing the ‘race win in every season’ record

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Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff react to Lewis losing his record of having a race win in every season he had competed in.

The 2022 season is the first season in which Lewis Hamilton failed to win at least one race. Until today he was the only driver to do so in every season he had competed in.

After a disappointing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis was asked how it felt to lose this amazing record.

“I always believed right until the last race that there was potentially a chance [to get a win],” the Briton said.

“I think it’s important to hold on to hope and just keep working. [We] gave it everything, and I think the last race was almost like the whole season summed up. I’m glad it’s done.

“Of course it would have been nice to have had a win, [but] one win is not really enough, is it?

“I feel like this year, when we got our first fifth, [it] felt like a win. When we got our first fourth, [it] felt like a win.

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“When we got our first podium, [it] felt like a win, and those seconds felt like we had really achieved something.

“So I’ll just hold on to those,” Hamilton concluded.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was also asked to comment on Lewis losing the record.

“I don’t think that this particular record is an important one for him,” the Austrian said.

“But we need to provide him with a car next year that he can fight for victories and the championship.

“That’s the most important [thing],” Wolff concluded.

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