Hamilton reveals his love for old games, Verstappen teases him

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Lewis Hamilton explains why he ‘impulse bought’ a Sega Genesis and an old Ayrton Senna F1 game. Max Verstappen asks him if there is any ‘porposing’ in the game.

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton posted a video of himself playing ‘Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II’ game on a Sega Genesis console, that he purchased when he arrived in Montreal.

“I loved this game as a kid and still do now,” the Briton wrote in an Instagram post.

“Still holds up! Naturally I got super competitive with myself. My personal best right now is a 49 second lap, pretty sure I can beat that tho. That was only after a few tries.

“I’ll let you all know when I beat it,” he concluded.

At the Friday press conference, Lewis explained what led to him buying the old console.

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“I just had this itch to play old games!” he said.

“I’ve just recently bought an old Nintendo 64 – actually no, I didn’t buy it, I found it in my storage and then I went and got GoldenEye.

“Then when I landed, I went to get Mario Kart but they didn’t have the Nintendo 64, so I bought… a Sega Genesis.

“And then they had the Senna game there, so I was like, oh, that’s perfect. So I’ve been spending the last couple of nights driving the Senna game. But I’m not that quick on it.”

Max Verstappen, who was sitting next to Lewis in the conference, asked the Briton if there was any ‘porpoising’ in the game. Lewis laughed and answered: “No, no porpoising!”

He then gave his opinion on returning to race in Canada for the first time since 2019.

“It’s very special coming back to Montreal. It’s great to see the people, the city, great to see the energy throughout the city as you’re going through.

“I remember my first time here, and my first Grand Prix win here, my first pole in 2007, so it’s always special when I come back here.

“My Dad called me and we reminisce about these sorts of things. So it’s great to be back. I can’t wait to drive this track, because the track is awesome.

“I just hope our car’s better this weekend,” Hamilton concluded.

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