Hamilton says F1 has a bright future if it becomes ‘FE1’

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Lewis Hamilton gave his comments on Formula 1 becoming more environmentally friendly, as Mercedes announced its new sustainable motorsport business strategy.

The Briton says Formula 1 has a bright future ahead if it eventually takes a cue from the all-electric Formula E series (FE) and becomes ‘FE1’.

“We’ve gone from a V8 and now use a third less fuel than before,” said Hamilton.

“The developments that are coming forward in the future are going to be really, really interesting.

“If Formula 1 will be ‘FE1’ one at some stage – probably not in my racing career, but beyond, for sure – I think it’s got a really bright future.

“[Formula 1] is the perfect test bench for pushing technology and developments. It really is the best lab that you could possibly have.

“I like to think that we’ve played a serious role in what you see in today’s cars and the technology that’s now in Formula E.

“As we continue to develop and push that technology forward, it will improve for the road cars,” concluded the Briton.

Mercedes team boss and overall head of motorsport Toto Wolff agrees that the future of Formula 1 is energy efficiency.

“It is about laptime in Formula 1, but today the formula is the efficiency formula,” said Wolff.

You can watch the full chat with Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff here.

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