Hamilton says he needed an “extreme diet” after the summer break

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Lewis Hamilton reveals he “had to go on an extreme diet these past days” after returning from Formula 1’s summer break.

The Formula 1 summer break is a time for drivers and team personnel to get some much needed rest and prepare for the final half of the season.

However, Lewis Hamilton’s summer break is always very active, so this year he spent some time with his family in Los Angeles, and also visited Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya.

It now appears Lewis has been having a little too much fun, as he reveals he had to go on an “extreme diet” after returning from the break.

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”I ate so much food,” he said at a fan event.

“My weight has to be between 73 and 74 kilos, and I was almost 77 kilos on Saturday.

“So I had to go on an extreme diet these past days,” Hamilton concluded.

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