Hamilton says he “never thought of giving up”, despite difficulties.

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In an interview with Italian Style magazine Lewis Hamilton talked about his “impossible” dream to one day compete in Formula 1.

It has been widely publicized Hamilton didn’t come from a wealthy family, which definitely made it harder to achieve his dream and enter the hugely expensive sport of motor racing.

“It’s always important to follow your dreams,” said the Briton.

“No matter how impossible they seem sometimes, keep following them. When I was a kid, the dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver also seemed impossible.

“I have been very happy that my father has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and never give up.”

Despite the difficulties, Hamilton stuck with it and ultimately made his dream come true.

“I’ve never thought of giving up, I don’t think so. That mindset is one of the reasons I’m where I’m supposed to be now.

“There have, of course, been really difficult moments. There were days when I came back from school, very excited to go karting and my dad had to tell me we didn’t have the money to go that week.

“It didn’t bother the other kids on the track,” concluded the six-time world champion.

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