Hamilton says he would check on Verstappen after a big crash

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Lewis Hamilton says he did not expect Max Verstappen to check on him after their Italian Grand Prix crash, but he would have done it if the situation was reversed.

At the Italian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided, which resulted in Max’s Red Bull running over Lewis’ Mercedes, with the rear wheel bumping Lewis’ head.

After the crash Verstappen got out of his car and left, without checking to see if Lewis was ok. The Briton says he doesn’t hold it against Max, but he would have acted differently.

“I don’t really feel a particular way about it,” Hamilton told Channel 4.

“We had that crash and of course I felt that physically. Have you watched Cool Runnings? At the end they crash the bobsleigh, they get out, say they have to finish the race, that’s my mentality.

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“The car is on top of me, how can I get back in the race? And so I wasn’t expecting him to check on me. I would have for sure checked on whoever it was that I landed on, but I’m older.”

Ultimately, Lewis reveals he is trying to race Verstappen respectfully, but he will not back down.

“I try to approach him respectfully, but also I’m a fighter, I’m not backing down in the racing scenario.

“I’m trying to be always sensible because at the end of the day I’ve got 2000 people relying on me to be sensible, to bring the car home in one piece.

“And it’s not about me, it’s about all of us winning the championship,” concluded Hamilton.

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