Hamilton says “it’s tough to hold down a good relationship” on F1 schedule

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As we approach the longest Formula 1 season in history, Lewis Hamilton says it’s hard to maintain a good balance between F1 and a healthy personal life.

2020 will feature 22 races for the first time in Formula 1 history, prompting many to publicly express their displeasure with the strain this puts on the drivers, team personnel and everyone else involved in the sport. Lewis Hamilton gave his opinion on how the Formula 1 schedule affects drivers’ personal lives.

“I think it’s probably similar to most sportsmen and women really,” said Hamilton.

“It maybe slightly different in that we are travelling as much as we are, and you are just away for crazy amounts of time, so that’s probably an additional weight load that makes it really, really tough to hold down a good relationship, and if things aren’t quite perfect.

“But I think in general for athletes, having the right mindset and trying to find the right balance of how dedicated you are as opposed to resting back and enjoying your quality time, all these different things.

“It’s different for everyone, but having spoken and read about other athletes in different sports, it’s obviously quite similar for all of us.

“But there are those that manage it, look at [Sebastian Vettel]. There are many athletes who have generally happy lives in the background.

“But I for one also find that incredibly difficult, with your goal to be as competitive as you can be, ultimately you want to be 100 percent committed because you never want to be any less committed than the person next to you, and there are certain things that are also added on responsibilities or extra load bearings that you can take away from that.

“There’s only a certain amount of you as a whole that you can give to everything.

“It depends how much of a sacrifice you want to make,” concluded the 35-year-old.

Source: crash.net

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