Hamilton says record is close, but he “still can’t grasp it”

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In a conversation with F1 Magazine Lewis Hamilton talks about his chances of beating Micheal Schumacher’s world title record.

The interview was conducted before it was known that the start of the F1 season would be postponed. Hamilton talked about his aspirations and the chance of winning his seventh world title.

“I’ve always said that Michael Schumacher’s record has never been a goal for me,” said the Briton.

“I’m just someone who doesn’t think about records or anything like that.

“Besides, I thought that getting close to Schumacher was impossible. After my first world title, it took a long time before I got my second, so the record was very far away.

“Now it seems close but also so far away that I still can’t grasp it.”

Hamilton goes on to explain how there is no looking past his competition.

“The challenge we are going to have this season and the coming months if there is racing is there. Other teams have performed amazingly in the second part of the season last year.

“We will again have to perform amazingly, both the team, the people around the team and myself, if I don’t want to think about that at the moment”.

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