Hamilton says “the car is night and day different compared to last week”

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After difficult Mexican Grand Prix free practice sessions, Lewis Hamilton says he had “a bit of a struggle in the car”.

After experiencing a significant performance enhancement at the United States Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was once again struggling with his car during Mexican Grand Prix free practice sessions.

Afterwards, the Briton said the car was feeling much different compared to how it felt in Austin.

“Not that great,” Lewis said when asked how the car felt.

“Not dodgy, just not the greatest. A bit of a struggle in the car. The car is night and day different compared to last week.

“I don’t really know what to say. You just never know what you’re going to get with this one. Some days she’s great and some days she’s not.

“It’s hard to extract the lap. I think there definitely is performance there, it’s just trying to extract it and it’s quite peaky this weekend maybe just with the aero map or whatever it may be.

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“So we’re going to work on it overnight but it definitely wasn’t a fun day compared to [F]P1 in Austin.

“We were a bit off but hopefully overnight we can find something and tomorrow maybe the car will be nicer to drive.”

Asked how much the car can be improved for Saturday, the Briton said:

“Not sure. Again, you just never know what to expect with this car. Maybe we’ll make the changes and we’ll pick that pace up.

“I think there was definitely some performance in there to be closer to maybe [being] in the top three but we’ve got to figure out [how] to make it easier for us to extract that performance.

“So that’s what we’ll work on,” Hamilton concluded.

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