Hamilton says the W14 didn’t have a problem, it just lacked performance

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Lewis Hamilton was surprised when he was asked if his car had “a problem” at the Austrian Grand Prix, and he explained a setup issue caused a lot of his struggles.

Lewis Hamilton struggled with his car at the Austrian Grand Prix and even complained about its driveability during the race.

When asked later by Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz is his car had a problem, Lewis was left confused.

“There wasn’t a problem. What problem?” he said.

“There was nothing wrong with the car. The car was fine.”

Asked if the issue was performance related then, Lewis just said: “Yup.”

He later explained the car’s setup was not optimal for the Red Bull Ring.

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“I took out a lot of front wing because we knew we had a really bad rear end here, so I took it out to maintain that balance and go long.

“I massively under estimated it and I was almost full lock at the final corners, going into Turn 10 it was just sliding.”

However, Lewis is ultimately not yet sure of what else contributed to Mercedes dip in performance.

“I definitely didn’t expect us to be as bad, I don’t really have an answer for it. The feeling of the car was very much the same as we’ve had over the last year.

“Compared to the last two races, the last two races are way better,” Hamilton concluded.

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