Hamilton thinks a ‘Rosberg situation’ can be avoided with Russell

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Lewis Hamilton says he believes Mercedes has learned from the past when it comes to intra-team battles and is “pretty well set moving forwards”.

Many are saying that George Russell’s arrival to Mercedes might lead to a tense situation between him and Lewis Hamilton, similar to the fierce intra-team rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg from 2014 to 2016.

Asked if he believes two evenly matched drivers can get along, Hamilton said:

“I think history has shown that it can and history has shown that it can’t. It’s different in each team, and it is ultimately how it’s managed.

“But it’s quite a strange sport where it’s a team sport, but it’s also an individual sport. So you’ve got those two championships.

“Individually you want to finish ahead, but at the same time, you’ve got to do the job to get the team ahead. So it’s a difficult one to navigate through.

“But I’d like to think that we’ve experienced it and learned from it and therefore we should be pretty well set moving forwards,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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In an interview with ESPN George Russell was quite optimistic about their relationship.

“I think our relationship is good, to be honest,” Russell said.

“We have not really had any real dealings over these past few years, but we’ve always said hello when we passed each other.

“But I’m sure our relationship is going to grow over these years, and to be honest I just want to learn from him to begin with and help me develop because for me personally, I also see this as a long journey.

“I want to be fighting for victories and championships for the next five, ten or 15 years to come and it’s important to keep developing,” concluded the young Briton.

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