Hamilton wants to see a woman enter F1 and ‘blow the field away’

© Paul Ripke for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Lewis Hamilton gave his opinion on diversity in Formula 1 and said he hopes “a powerful woman” will come in and dominate the sport.

Recently Mercedes released a video of Lewis Hamilton revisiting his championship winning Formula 1 cars in which he gave his opinion on a variety of topics. One of those was diversity in F1.

“I want to build a company, I want to help some youngsters and I want to help change this sport somehow, to be an even more diverse sport,” Hamilton said.

“I want to encourage teams to be more diverse. I want the sport to be more accessible to people.

“I was at the FIA Gala and came across an Asian family and I was like ‘jeez, I thought I was going to be the only brown person here’, because that’s how it normally is.

“It’s funny to laugh at that kind of thing, but I’m in a world where that kind of thing has been common for my entire life.

“So to see people of colour in the audience, whether its’s black, asian or whatever it may be, it’s great to see diversity slowly creeping in, because it is a world that’s open to everyone.

“I hope at some stage some powerful woman comes in and blows the field away…wouldn’t that be something special!”

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