Hamilton will continue to “push for diversity”, supported by Wolff

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Lewis Hamilton says he can see things moving forward when it comes to equality and diversity, but will “continue to push” for change.

“Winning championships is a great thing, and of course I’m going to keep going and see how far I can go in that, but I’m the only black driver here, for whatever reason,” said Hamilton.

“I see now that something is waking up, there are people who are changing slowly. Still not everyone changes, you still have teams that say nothing, or do not feel responsible.”

Throughout the 2020 season Hamilton has continuously shown his support for the fight against racial injustice and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement through numerous gestures, like ‘taking the knee’ before races.

“It continues to be an issue and there are so many issues around the world, but right now, for me, that is something that I’m very focussed on, continuing to push for diversity.

“We are taking a stance when we start the race but it’s almost a formality now, but it’s important we continue to push,” concluded the Briton.

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Hamilton’s pursuit for equality enjoys the support of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

“Lewis has always been at his best when he fought adversity, and I think the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is close to his heart and it certainly helps in terms of motivation,” said Wolff.

“But I think I have always said I am impressed how he develops. Every season he is better in terms of his personality and as a driver.

“That is really inspiring in a way that as a mid-30-year-old he is able to show us how you can develop as a personality and how you can improve your game, how you can have interests in things outside of motorsport that actually make you stronger.”

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