Head of Motorsport UK David Richards says Hamilton should be knighted

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Head of the British motorsport governing body David Richards says it would be a “major oversight” if Lewis Hamilton doesn’t get knighted.

Hamilton, who won six Formula 1 Drivers’ Championships, is the most successful British racing driver ever. It’s not surprising then that many are calling for Lewis to be recognized with a knighthood in 2020.

One of the people calling for Hamilton to be knighted is British Labour Party politician Lord Peter Hain. David Richards, former Head of the BAR and Benetton Formula 1 teams and current head of Motorsport UK, agrees with him.

“Naturally as the governing body of motorsport in the UK we wholeheartedly support Peter Hain,” said Richards

“I can’t think of anyone more worthy of that recognition than Lewis. It would be a major oversight if that is not recognised in the new year honours.”

Hamilton has received an OBE in 2008, after winning his first championship in only his second season in Formula 1. To date, three British Formula 1 drivers have been knighted: Sir Jackie Stewars, Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Jack Brabham.

“Lewis is far more remarkable in that he did not come from a privileged background,” continued Richards.

“He and his father worked incredibly hard to get into karting and up the steps of the ladder. It was sheer hard graft, not gifted to him on a plate.

“They made huge sacrifices and that makes his achievements even more extraordinary.”

“He is a role model for underprivileged children in the UK to show them that anything is possible. I hope he uses that to help and leave a legacy for other kids to show their ambitions are achievable.”

Earlier in the year Hamilton was asked about a potential knighthood.

“I don’t really like to think too much about it,” Hamilton said.

“The fact people have mentioned it, it’s already an honour but it’s not been something I’ve been chasing in my life.”

Source: The Guardian

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