Helmut Marko predicts a cost cap concern for Mercedes, Wolff responds

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Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko suggests that a car concept change could take Mercedes over the budget cap, but Toto Wolff says it’s not a problem because they’d be developing only one car, but adds: “The only question is which car?”

In response to talks that Mercedes will have to scrap their current car concept, and start working on a completely different one, Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko said this could lead to a budget cap breach.

“For us, something like that would take three or four races,” Marko said, quoted by Heute.

“But the next critical thing is – we have a cost cap. Whatever you try, or redesign now, gets lost in the budget for other things.

“This is a development that is not easy for a team,” he concluded.

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However, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is not worried.

“In our situation, the upper budget limit is not that important,” Toto said.

“We simply have to decide in which direction we want to go and invest all our resources. We’re still developing a car – the only question is which car?” he concluded.

What Toto is trying to say is that Mercedes will only focus on developing one car concept, and if it’s not the one they are currently using, they will stop developing it, and focus on a new one.

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