Helmut Marko says FIA’s intervention has “backfired” on Mercedes

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Red Bull’s advisor Dr Helmut Marko says he believes Mercedes’ supposed ‘lobbying’ for the FIA to step in to solve ‘porpoising’ has “backfired” on them.

Last Thursday the FIA announced they will be taking certain steps to reduce ‘porpoising’, and some F1 teams are in an uproar.

Red Bull was first to point to Mercedes, accusing them of ‘lobbying’ to have the rules changed, and basically asking the FIA to help them solve their ‘porpoising’ issues.

However, the FIA’s current plan seems like it could hinder Mercedes, because the teams who suffer from ‘porpoising’ will be required to raise their car in order to stop the phenomenon, losing performance in the process.

When asked if he believes the FIA’s proposed solution is not what Mercedes would want, Red Bull’s Helmut Marko said he believes their supposed ‘push’ has backfired.

“Exactly,” the Austrian said.

“In German we say: ‘der Schuss ging nach hinten los’ [the shot backfired]. So it basically backfired for Mercedes.”

Marko goes on to say the thinks the FIA should not get involved when it comes to ‘porpoising’.

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“I fully agree with Max [Verstappen], it is not correct to change something like this during the season. It can’t be the FIA who is making our set-ups.

“Changing the ride height means changing the set-up and the FIA can’t do that. My next point is that all of this is the result of one team having problems.

“That team should just sort out their own problems and not affect the other teams.”

It’s important to note that Red Bull seems to be awfully worried about a potential rule change, that they claim could be bad for Mercedes.

Considering how the Austrian team has repeatedly said their cars are not suffering from the same issue, the FIA’s technical directive should not affect their performance.

Unless they are not revealing everything.

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