Helmut Marko says Mercedes is porpoising again, Toto Wolff responds

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Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko recently said that Mercedes has been affected by porpoising during pre-season testing. Toto Wolff responds.

After 2023 Pre-Season Testing concluded, Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko said that Mercedes’ car again suffered from porpoising, despite the German team saying that the phenomenon was almost non-existent. Marko also claimed that the same was true for Ferrari.

“Surprisingly, both teams suffered from porpoising again,” Marko told Austrian outlet OE24.

“They did some fine-tuning at the chassis and it seems to be working now, but: did they drive at full power?

“How much fuel was in the tank?” the Austrian concluded.

When asked about this by Österreich newspaper, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said Marko was wrong.

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“No, he is wrong,” he said.

“If he saw cars bouncing, it wasn’t ours.”

Wolff also said that the performance teams showed in testing, cannot be taken as a definite indication of their true level of performance.

“On the other hand, they didn’t show everything in the tests and we haven’t cranked it up yet either. That’s why it’s all just coffee grind reading so far.

“In three days we’ll know what’s what,” Wolff concluded.

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