Hill says Hamilton was “denied” 8th title due to “clerical error”

Source: Williams Racing Twitter

1996 Formula 1 champion Damon Hill says Lewis Hamilton “took a massive blow in Abu Dhabi last year”, but he is sure the Briton can “win an eighth world title”.

Amid a hard start to the 2022 season for Lewis Hamilton, Damon Hill says he believes the Briton can win his eighth F1 title.

“Lewis can win an eighth world title,” Hill told The Daily Mail.

“Fatigue can be a problem as drivers get older. You pack up and move from one country to another and do routine things such as media, sponsor events…

“If you find all that a chore, it can grind you down. It will make you perform badly. I don’t see that with Lewis. He doesn’t seem to be fatigued to me. So he can go on as long as he wants.

“He took a massive blow in Abu Dhabi last year, losing to Max [Verstappen] in the final race. Anyone can understand how hard it must have been psychologically to get so close to an eighth title and then to be denied it through what we might call a clerical error.

“But he is doing fine. He is probably looking out of the corner of his eye and seeing Fernando [Alonso] still going strong at nearly 41. Fernando can still give some of the younger guys a run for their money.

“Yes, George has beaten Lewis in qualifying more often than not, but there are extenuating circumstances because Lewis has been doing the donkey work.

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“George is not experienced enough to carry out the experimental stuff on the car, so that has been left to Lewis.

“He has matured and is now happy to accept he has a younger kid who is keen and quick. But, if it came down to a championship battle, George is unproven.

“Lewis has had reason to have a whinge but he hasn’t, other than having a go at his engineers on the radio. He could have got down in the dumps but he has been stoic.”

Hill goes on to say that at the moment it’s important for Mercedes to get on top of their issues in 2022, so that they can continue their upward swing in 2023.

“Usually someone finds a solution to any given problem towards the middle or end of the season and that sets the trajectory for the following year. That is what Lewis must hope.

“What will happen if that isn’t the case, I don’t know,” Damon concluded.

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