Horner comments on Wolff’s efforts to return Mercedes to the top

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Christian Horner comments on Toto Wolff’s mission to get Mercedes back in the fight, drawing from his own experiences with Red Bull.

After eight years of unprecedented success, in 2022 Mercedes suddenly found itself unable to fight for top positions.

Red Bull experienced a similar situation in 2014, when after a four-year run of success, they were not the top dogs anymore.

During his appearance on the Sky Sports F1 podcast, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was asked to give his thoughts on Toto Wolff’s struggle to get Mercedes back in the fight.

“It’s a massive challenge,” the Briton said.

“He came into the sport on the back of a winning team and enjoyed a huge period of success, serial success for seven or eight years and then suddenly…

“It’s a big adjustment to not be going to grands prix…and I think Mercedes have won one race in the last two seasons.

“And that will hurt and people start questioning things in the organisation, heads drop and as a leader, you have to motivate them, you have to pick them up.

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“It’s a totally different challenge, being at the top of the field to striving to get back there.”

Asked to explain the difference between being in charge of a winning team, and a team that is struggling to get back in the fight, Horner said:

“I think that it’s making sure that people believe in themselves and trying to instil confidence.

“And it’s inevitable that when you’ve been winning for a long period of time that, when suddenly you’re not winning, then that’s when fingers start getting pointed and the team gets truly challenged during that period.

“And that’s where I’m particularly proud at Red Bull. During the period that we weren’t able to be in a winning position, which was largely out of our control, we were still winning races in every single year, two or three races.

“Bar 2015, we won a minimum of two or three races every year. At the places that we could do so, where the engine disadvantage was nullified,” he concluded.

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