Jacky Ickx: ‘I wish to have the chance to meet Lewis Hamilton’

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Legendary racer Jacky Ickx says Lewis Hamilton is “an extraordinary champion”, and says he would like to personally tell him he is “one of the greatest champions”, and praise him for his human rights work.

During his appearance on Peter Windsor’s Twitch channel, legendary racer and former F1 driver Jacky Ickx strongly praised Lewis Hamilton for his racing career and his human rights work.

“Lewis Hamilton is an extraordinary champion and he was also driving for a fantastic team in Mercedes-Benz,” Ickx said.

“The two together were just a fantastic association and they won everything.

“But Lewis is special in two aspects. He is special [as] the driver he wanted to be all his life, training for it and the successful man having all the possible records.

“But also he’s the first person to involve himself in such a level of interest to defend Black Lives Matter, for example.

“He’s unique on that aspect and I don’t know which one is the most fantastic in a way.”

Ickx added that he has not yet met Lewis in person, and would love to get that chance.

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“I’ve tried to meet Lewis a number of times and I wish to have the chance to meet him once.

“I would say, ‘Lewis, you have been one of the greatest Champions, but what you have done for the human rights of the black community, you are the first one to do have done it and you have done it in such a dimension that I don’t know which quality [is more impressive]’.

“If I had to put [his achievements] in order, is [his human rights work] number one or number two? I am tempted to say number one.

“I wish one day I have the chance to meet him because I love the idea to tell him what I feel about it and even more what the black community feels about him.

“Because I know a number of Africans and they [say] he’s a fantastic ambassador for the African community,” the Belgian driver concluded.

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