James Allison says Lewis Hamilton is “at his absolute best”

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Mercedes Technical Director James Allison describes Lewis Hamilton‘s reaction to the strong challenge from Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

James Allison says Lewis Hamilton has been “absolutely brilliant” behind the scenes while helping Mercedes catch up to Red Bull.

“He wants to be driving a car that allows him to showcase his skill,” Allison said on the F1 Nation podcast.

“But he is absolutely brilliant for us in these circumstances because he is so focused on winning and on championships that his response to a situation like this is just to re-double his contribution.

“He was in our factory running a lot of simulator laps last week, and he is committed as anybody to making sure we find the edge we need to be able to put pressure on the Red Bull in front, and you see him at his absolute best.”

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Allison also gave an example of how his interactions with the seven-time champion usually go.

“I can be reasonably confident of having an exchange with him where he’s letting me know the things that he thinks are important and asking me if there is any way in which he can help progress those things.

“Also he is wanting to hear from me if there are aspects coming to the car he wasn’t aware of, and the timescale he can expect those in.

“It’s a friendly and comfortable exchange that is helpful to me and, I hope, helpful to him,” concluded the Briton.

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