Allison says Mercedes’ fightback feels “like waiting for Christmas”

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James Allison says he, along with his Mercedes colleagues, has been “plotting and scheming what we’re bringing for the tracks this year”, and also what they’re “trying to do for next year”.

Since introducing its first big upgrade of 2023, Mercedes has been going full speed ahead on its journey to recovery.

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, the team’s technical director James Allison explained he is very much enjoying this journey.

“Well I’m certainly enjoying it,” he told F1 TV when asked about his recent return to the technical director role.

“I think it might be a bit grandiose to say I’m putting [plans] in place. I’m just tucked in with my colleagues plotting and scheming what we’re bringing for the tracks this year, and also similarly what we what we’re trying to do for next year.

“We just had the main press conference and I was trying to express what an actual thrill that is, when you’ve got a little bit of a picture forming internally in the team with all your fellow engineers of how that journey is going to look.

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“It’s just a bit like waiting for Christmas. You can’t wait for it to arrive, and it’s very exciting.”

However, Allison said believes the Canadian Grand Prix, will be more challenging for the W14, than Spain was.

“This track is very much a different set of challenges. So if we can wiggle our way through this weekend with okay performance, then that will be a good feeling.

“I tend to think that most of what we did was sort of medium and high-speed gains. There’s not a lot of medium and high-speed here, so I think we’ll perhaps not be as strong here as we were in Barcelona.

“Snd it’s still for us to make a sort of matching set of gains in the low-speed stuff a little bit later in the year,” Allison concluded.

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