James Allison says Mercedes needs to make the car “a lot faster”

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Mercedes’ Technical Director James Allison says the team will face a challenge from both Ferrari and Red Bull in 2020.

Although Mercedes won 6 constructors’ and drivers’ championships in a row and dominated Formula 1 for 6 years, James Allison doesn’t think the team is safe in their No. 1 spot next year.

“Yes, we don’t just have to fear Ferrari,” said Allison.

“Red Bull is also an extremely strong team.

“It is clear to us that between today and Melbourne 2020 we have to make our car a lot faster if we want to have a chance against them.

“But it’s not meant to be easy. This is the ultimate challenge.”

Considering Ferrari had a big boost in performance in the second part of 2019, Allison might be right. However there have been questions raised about the legality of Ferrari’s engine, but the Brit doesn’t concern himself with this as he looks to improve the package his team has.

“There’s no point speculating.

“We have to look at ourselves and find as much engine power as possible over the winter, and at the same time the chassis group will investigate where we can efficiently reduce drag.”

Source: Auto Motor und Sport

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