James Allison says Mercedes’ new floor did not cause Hamilton’s DQ

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Mercedes’ Technical Director James Allison says the United States Grand Prix weekend was “a very cast-iron vote of confidence in favour of the stuff we put on the car”.

At the United States Grand Prix, Mercedes introduced a significant floor upgrade for the W14, and Lewis Hamilton’s performance throughout the weekend seemed to indicate that it was a success.

However, after getting P2 in the race, Lewis was disqualified because his car’s floor plank failed the post-race inspection.

When asked in Mercedes’ post-race debrief video if the upgrade was to blame for the DQ, the team’s technical boss James Allison said it was not the case.

“The weekend was a very cast-iron vote of confidence in favour of the stuff we put on the car, and that gives us great hope for the races that remain,” the Briton said.

“But, the disqualification had everything to do with the setup and the bumpiness of the track.”

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James then discussed Mercedes’ prospects in the remaining two races of the Americas triple-header.

“We’ve got Mexico first, high altitude, thin air, a track where the asphalt is quite different to the ones we’ve just been at.

“And as long as we can keep the car cool there in the thin air of the Mexico track then I think we will be pretty decent. The corners suit us, and the pace of the car should be good there.

“Brazil, a race that we won last year to our massive pleasure, is a track where again all the things we just put on the car should pay good dividends,” Allison concluded.

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