John Watson: “I can understand what Lewis is feeling and going through”

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Former F1 driver John Watson says Lewis Hamilton has “done his job perfectly”, before being “done out of the championship by the actions of the Race Director”.

The FIA is currently performing an investigation into the controversial ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that saw Lewis Hamilton lose the 2021 championship due to race director Michael Masi ignoring the rules of the Safety Car.

Former F1 driver John Watson examines what he believes the FIA is looking at.

“The issues appear to lie around the manner in which the decisions were taken during the course of that Grand Prix, and whether they were correct or incorrect or inappropriate or appropriate, or whatever you want to say,” Watson told

“What that discussion is going to be about, I don’t know. I suspect it’ll focus on the judgement that was made at the end of the race about putting out a Safety Car, and then other actions that were taken in the process before the race went back to a green flag situation for one more lap.”

The Briton then says it could be problematic for Hamilton, Mercedes and the FIA to coexist if the outcome of the investigation is not to everyone’s satisfaction.

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“Anything is possible. I can understand what Lewis is feeling and going through, because he had done his job perfectly.

“Up until that point where [Nicholas] Latifi had his accident, he was the 2021 World Champion. He had done what he had to do, and he did it beautifully.

“All these questions are questions that are going to have to be examined and answered, in a satisfactory way, for Mercedes.

“If that outcome isn’t achieved, then I don’t know what they’re actually going to do. Because Lewis needs to know what are the ground rules, and who’s going to operate these ground rules.

“[He will be feeling], ‘I have no faith any longer in the administration, on the ground, from the current Race Director’.

“Cheated is not the right word, but he was done out of the championship by the actions of the Race Director,” Watson concluded.

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