Johnny Herbert calls for “big penalties” if Red Bull overspent

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Former F1 driver Johnny Herbert says if it is found that Red Bull breached the 2021 budget cap, “they’ve got to be big penalties coming their way for maybe even this season”.

The controversy surrounding Red Bull’s alleged 2021 budget cap breach is not dying down. While the FIA is expected to announce the official results of their assessment of the 2021 financial data submitted by all Formula 1 teams, many F1 personalities are already giving their comments on the issue.

While Johnny Herbert acknowledges it would be difficult for the FIA to punish Red Bull retroactively, he thinks the penalty must be severe if any breaches are confirmed.

“It’s a difficult thing to go back over last year and implement penalties for last season,” the Briotn said on Sky Sports’ Any Driven Monday.

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“I don’t think that would look good for Formula One, but what I think needs to be done, if it is found to be the case they have overspent, they’ve got to be big penalties coming their way for maybe even this season. because you get so much advantage for spending the rumour of £5m over the top.

“It’s a massive amount of pace that you’re gonna be able to get out of the car. Half a second or sixth-tenths of a second is a possibility and then it puts you in a better place for the following season.

“It’s a knock-on effect as well where there is obviously a big, big gain,” Herbert concluded.

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