Johnny Herbert supports Lewis Hamilton’s budget cap comments

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Former F1 driver Johnny Herbert comments on the budget cap issue, and says “if someone has done the wrong thing, the FIA must come down hard on them”.

Ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton talked about how much a budget cap breach can affect the outcome of a championship, and how unfair it was for other teams who have been compliant with the rules.

Sky Sports analyst Johnny Herbert says he completely understands where Hamilton is coming from.

“I do get it,” Herbert said.

“We don’t know what the situation is at the present time, hopefully Monday is when we really know.

“But I can understand from a driver’s point of view. You put your heart and soul in trying to put the best performances you can within the cockpit to go as fast you possibly can.

“Then you hear the rumours that maybe someone has over spent. Then we know if that’s the case there’s going to be advantage from that.

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“When that advantage is something you hear about and maybe know about, it makes it harder to accept certain situations that have happened in the past or present time.

“I understand what his thinking is, but we’re not accountants and we don’t know what the whole issue is and we have to wait and see.”

Herbert also said the FIA must be very strict if it is confirmed that a certain team breached the budget cap.

“It’s a big test. Because it’s something we find uncomfortable and the fans find it equally so. We have to get a situation where F1 doesn’t damage itself.

“If someone has done the wrong thing, the FIA must come down hard on them. Maybe that’s got to be constructors’ championship points, but you can’t go backwards.

“It’s got to be done quickly,” the Briton concluded.

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