Montoya: “I still think that Mercedes out-develops everybody else”

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Former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya on whether Mercedes has progressed enough to “start winning every race” or just to “fight against Red Bull and Ferrari”.

After stating that there is a rumour going around that Mercedes has “a big, big upgrade coming”, Juan Pablo Montoya gave his thoughts on how far Mercedes can progress in the second half of 2022.

“I think the big question mark everyone needs to pay attention to is the next race, or the next couple of races,” the Colombian told  Vegas Insider.

“My personal thing, I think everybody is going to come up with big upgrades. Mercedes is still gonna get better, against everybody else, but everybody else in the field is gonna stay very constant.

“Because they all keep developing and making the cars better to drive, easier to drive. Everybody is getting a little more comfortable with the new package, and understanding the new package.

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“So I think the way everybody is developing the cars is going to be very similar, but I still think that Mercedes out-develops everybody else. That is my two cents.

“The question is, is Mercedes’ step so big that they start winning every race, and they are going to win the last nine races, and they are going to do one, two, seven or eight times, and you know, they have a shot at the Constructor Championship, while everybody else fumbles?”

“Or their step is, ok, we are starting to fight against Red Bull and Mercedes, and we are just there? That is the more realistic version of what I see coming.

“I see Mercedes might have a shot at winning a couple of races this year if their developing goes well,” Montoya concluded.

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